How much does it cost?
The Quilter's Cruise Control® MSRP is $559.  Many of our authorized dealers have specials and quilting packages, so their prices may differ.  The Quilter's Cruise Control® includes:
    • The Quilter's Cruise Control® Brain and remote - specific to sewing machine

    • Optical Encoders, wiring harness, and mounting hardware - specific to quilting frame

Where can I buy the Quilter’s Cruise Control®?
Contact one of our Authorized Dealers.  Check your local listing for sewing machine and/or quilting frame dealers.  Give them a call and ask if they carry the Quilter’s Cruise Control® .  (We have a listing of dealers on this website, but our list is growing on a weekly basis, so it's not comprehensive and is regularly under construction.)  For a Pfaff or Husqvarna Viking sewing machine compatibilities, contact an authorized Pfaff or authorized Husqvarna Viking dealer.
Where can I get additional information?
Contact your dealer.  They should be able to assist you with questions specific to your set-up (machine/frame combination).  Additionally, they may be well-versed with many different types of set-ups and therefore quite knowledgeable.
What type of guarantee is provided with purchase?
Please contact your dealer.
What type of warranty is provided with purchase?
12 months parts/12 months labor (PDF available below)
Will the Quilter's Cruise Control® work on both of my frames?
Some people have more than one short-arm quilting frame and would like the Quilter's Cruise Control® to work on both interchangeably.  This is not totally out of the question.  Although the mounting hardware is different for the different frames, it is available for purchase as a separate accessory.  In some cases, you may be able to use the same two optical encoders and simply purchase separate hardware.  In other cases, you may need to purchase a second set of optical encoders for the second frame, and utilize the same "Brain" for the two frames.  Please contact us with the information on both frames, as we'll let you know what your options are.  NOTE:  if your frames are not listed as being compatible with the Quilter's Cruise Control®, we may not be able to accommodate your request.  Additionally, this is only applicable for use with the same sewing machine:  the Juki-compatible "Brain" will work only on the Juki TL98E; the Brother-compatible "Brain' will only work on the Brother 1300, Brother 1500 and Babylock QCP.  You cannot use the Juki "Brain" on the "Brother" for example.
How do I know which B-Line frame I have?
There are 2 different types of B-Line frame available:  QCC-ready and regular.  The QCC-ready version has metal, threaded inserts on the top and bottom carriages (see left).  This is where the optical encoders are mounted, using the bolts provided.  Regular frames do not have this insert, thus requiring different mounting hardware.  Shown:  B-Line carriage with insert.
Will the Quilter's Cruise Control® help with needle and thread breakage?
Yes, using the Quilter’s Cruise Control® will virtually eliminate needle and thread breakage!

Most thread and needle breakage is caused by improper stitch length control. When the Quilter’s Cruise Control® is used, the sewing machine motor slows down when the machine slows down. When the machine stops, the sewing machine motor runs at its slowest speed.  *Note* Your machine should be in good operating condition prior to using the Quilter's Cruise Control®.  The Quilter's Cruise Control will not fix pre-existing problems such as a dull needle, improper tension, or a machine that has timing problems, etc.
What accessories are available?  (see Accessories page for more information)
Stylus Assembly is priced at $35.00 (while supplies last)
Driveway is priced at $14.99
Parking Space for Grace/Little Gracie is priced at $19.99
Additional Optical Encoders for second frame are priced at $65.00 each
Additional wiring harness for Optical Encoders is priced at $29.99
Additional mounting hardware for Optical Encoders is priced from $10 - $20
Remote hand switch is priced at $25.00
Replacement Freeway, for Hinterberg frame $10.00
Replacement Double-ended connector cord $10.00
Replacement Power Supply/Transformer $20.00

Quilter's Cruise Control® Brain (only) $400.00


PDF Files Available:  (Adobe Acrobat Reader is required for viewing)

Installation* instructions for Optical Encoders
B-Line (without QCC inserts) frame
B-Line  (with QCC inserts) frame
Grace/Little Gracie frame (black plastic carriages)
Grace/Little Gracie frame (wooden carriages)
HandiQuilter frame
Hinterberg frame
Inspira frame
New Joy frame

SuperQuilter frame

* If you prefer to affix the hardware to your carriage with screws, you should check first with your frame manufacturer regarding its warranty on the carriages. Drilling holes into your carriage may void the manufacturer's warranty.  LiTen Up, Inc. and Quilter’s Cruise Control® are not responsible for voided warranties on quilt frames.

User Manuals and Miscellaneous printed materials
User's Manual
User's Manual - Janome 1600
Repair Ticket
Troubleshooting - Coming Soon
Stylus Assembly

Please note:  the contact information included on the manuals and printed materials listed above, indicate our old, California address.  See below for our new address, effective January 2007)

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